3 Best Free Movie Apps for Your Android

Boredom is a terrible experience. Other people consider it as a disease. You will not like it, especially if you are bored and tired from work. However, worries aside. Movies will complement our day. They will bring the relaxation and entertainment you need to keep your day enjoyable. Download ShowBox from this link and enjoy your movies and TV shows free of charge. In addition, the introduction of movie apps has made movie watching an easy and enjoyable experience.


This is probably the best movie app in the movie industry. It is a revolutionary app, which has stood up as the best amowr2465g5242h52ng the already saturated movie app market. It allows customers to watch movies live free of charge and has no hidden costs, subscription fees, and limitations. Its use is simple. It requires no registration. All you need is to download the Showbox app, install it and start enjoying the experience. That is not all. You can also keep track of your favorite TV shows, seasons and favorite episodes. That is why it has been rated the best movie app.

Where to download it

Showbox is not found on Google Play Store. This does not mean that it’s inaccessible to customers. It can be downloaded from http://downloadshowboxapp.com website by following simple step available on its website.


Viewster is also one of the best apps available on the market. It as tons of movies you can choose. It is free to use, and all you need is to download it using guidelines on its website.

Where to get it

Viewster can be downloaded from www.viewster.com website. Just follow the simple steps in this website and you are good to go.


Hubi is another nice app you can trust to work for your movies. It allows you watch movies free of charge and is compatible with most androids.

Hubi app can be downloaded from www.hubi.com by following vrtwr52682btspecific steps outlined on this website. Just download it, install it and enjoy the experience of watching unlimited movies.

Watching movies online is gaining momentum. The invention of apps has been taunted as the main reason behind it. Movie apps much as the Showbox, hub, and Viewster can get your entertainment experience on fire. Get one and you will love the experience.

The movie app makes it easy for to watch unlimited movies free of charge. However, getting a nice and reliable movie app can be a cumbersome process. Fortunately, this article is l you need. It has sampled best three apps you won’t regret as far as your personal entertainment is concerned.