Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is an anabolic process. To gain weight, your body needs calories. Gaining mass is simple, all you need is the right food. Foods rich in calories such as chicken breast can be a good way to gain weight. But, what if you need mass as well an excellent lean body? This will entail that you back up your food intake with lots of exercises. Sometimes the food does not add up to getting the muscle since you metabolism may not facilitate a good calorie intake. Weight gainers have been made to promote muscle mass development.


How to use supplements

jhjhjhjhbbnBecause you are using supplements, it does not mean that you should not take care of your diet. Have in mind that it’s a supplement, not food. You should therefore still do one or two changes in your diet. You should consider a significant increase in intakes of proteins like from casein and whey. Carbohydrates should not miss on your diet either.

How to pick a weight gainer

Selecting a supplement will depend on your body requirements. An ectomorph will need bigger calories to gain mass quickly. The protein content of the gainer should, however, be at least 40g. While picking a calorie level, pick one that suits your daily requirements. You know your body well so be sure to pick the right one.

When to use muscle gainers

Skinny guys have a rough time in gaining mass. Taking the supplement at the wrong time may lead to digestion problems like bloating. It’s necessary that you know the right time to take supplements. Taking supplements alongside meals is not recommended. It is prudent to take the supplement between meals to keep your body supplied with nutrients. Taking it as a post workout is also good since your body will be in need of carbohydrates.

Top weight gainers

Using a weight gainer for the first time is hard. Most of the time you are not guaranteed of success. If you are skinny, you will have to try several times until you get the right supplement. Here are some supplements reviewed as the best with assured results.

  • Protein Series Mass Gainer
  • Optimum Pro Complex Gainer
  • Nature’sBest Isopure Mass
  • DymatiseElite Mass
  • NutraBolicsIsoGainer


mmnnnnnnnmSkinny guys have to keep in mind that the first tip to gaining mass, is understanding your metabolism. After understanding your metabolism, you will best know how to use gainers. Knowing your calorie needs, on the other hand, will enable you to choose the right supplement. Lastly, food, always takes caution of what you eat, supplements will not be an alternative to food.