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Employer Benefits Of Contracting Recruitment Agency

For most employers, hiring agencies are an integral part of the recruitment process. There are various services recruitment agencies offer from recruiting individuals to managing the complete recruitment operations for the companies. However, there are some misconceptions some human resources and companies have about recruitment agencies. This results from bad experiences because of less qualified professional suppliers. However, if managed correctly, these agencies can offer benefits for the employers when it comes to hiring best employees.

The cost of hiring new employees is very important to every business. It is an objective of every company to get the best where we are heading to 4workforce and to use an agency. Usually, the cost of placing candidates in permanent positions is about 20% of the annual salary of the candidates. Although this may sound to be a lot of money, actually it is not.

From the employer’s perspective, a lot of money and time can be saved. When advertising directly to an employer, you will need to place several adverts. If the agency is not recruiting on a routine basis, then it can cost more money. You should also note that some vacancies may not attract a lot of candidates. Therefore, you may need to spend a lot of money and time in circulating advertisements.

The other thing to consider is time taken. Who will be in charge of writing and publishing the articles? You may need the human resource officer, director, or senior manager. Such people are on salary and need to complete some tasks. You will need to review resumes, respond to the applicants, screen them and arrange for where we are heading to 3interviews. If you fail to screen applicants well, some interviews may end up being a waste. Adding the cost of wages, that are paid to the staff involved in the recruitment process and considering what other duties they should be doing. It is also possible not to employ any person during the process.

Recruitment agencies do a lot to justify the fees they charge. They provide good consultancy services. When a company contracts an agency with experienced consultants, who understand the market can offer value to your company. They will save the employer money and time by undertaking out tasks mentioned above. They provide expertise and knowledge. This includes giving access to candidates to apply for jobs. The consultants are trained and experienced in conducting interviews.