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Camping Gear Checklist For Priority Items

Whether you are going for camping in the woods for three days, or if you are going to stay out for a month some items are very essential, and you must carry them with you. This post provides a list of three items, which are considered essential for any camping.

They may not include specific items you may need for your camping trips such as fishing or boating. Before you set off for camping, ensure you have a pocket knife, a flashlight such as Nitecore TM26, and binocular.

Must Have Items

Have a look at the three items in detail below and why you must have them in your camping gear.


t26yi6297g247This is another tool that is so important that you cannot imagine going camping without one. A flashlight provides a source of light at night in and outside the tent. You can also use your flashlight in your car. They are available in different shape and types. LED flashlights are preferred for camping since they consume low energy for high brightness. Look for a flashlight that is durable with quality rechargeable cells.


One other tool that you need in addition to the two above before you go camping is binocular. Camping is one of the best ways of enjoying outdoors. Nature surrounds you at its best. Your closest neighbors during camping are birds, mammals, stunning scenery such as distant mountains and hills. This is the reason you need a pair of binoculars. Specific camping activities such as Bird watching and hunting are exciting with a pair of binoculars.

Pocket knife

By definition, a pocket knife is a tool that can be a substitute for almost any tool. This is the main reason; you must have one in your t526ny297072gy52pocket before you go camping. You can use a pocket knife for almost everything that you want to be done. Below are tasks you are going to complete with a pocket knife when camping;

Setting your tent. When setting up your tent one or two things may need fixing by cutting. A pocket knife can be accessed easily for this purpose.
It is a kitchen knife. You do not have to carry a set of kitchen knives. You can use a pocket knife efficiently in your kitchen.
For your safety. A pocket knife is a good emergency tool. You can use it for dressing, protecting yourself from animals or people, and other emergency issues that may arise.

These three items are therefore very essential for any camping. Ensure you have them next time you go camping.