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Tips For Successful Potty Training

Successful potty training is a great achievement both for the child and the parent or the person training the child. However, this can be frustrating to both parties if it is not working well. The potty training in 3 days method has been proven to work. For the parent getting the best tips to make this exercise work practically is paramount.

Successful potty training

Talking to the child before training startstg2ere5t2e6y27eu28i292

It’s good to make the child familiar with the word potty long before training start. As soon as they start learning to speak, introduce the terminology. Whenever they soil their diapers mention the word potty so that they can associate it with their body function at that time.

Less expectations are better than more

When you introduce the process, do not expect that it will be over in 2 to 3 days. Patience must be exercised putting in mind that you are dealing with a child. Some parents may succeed within this period but consider yourself lucky. Many children take time.

Boys and girls are not the same

Girls tend to learn fast. They are less complicated and will listen to instructions keenly. When you are training a girl, you can use one of their dolls to demonstrate. Boys, on the other hand, take the time to learn since they are mostly rebellious. So this can be tiring and tedious. Do not scold then but keep on encouraging. Since they do not have dolls to demonstrate, practically assisting them is the best option.

Make it a habit

It’s said that practice makes perfect. True. Make sure that the child sits on the potty even if they are not relieving themselves. This will ensure that they are comfortable and will reinforce its use. When the habit gets to their mind, it will be easier to associate their body function with it.

Select good training pants

A selectitg2w3erdfe5y23e6u272i28on of good training pants will avoid accidents. Accidents will make the child uncomfortable and are very tedious for you. Pull up pants are the best option. Avoid loose clothes that will dip it the potty or can trip the child.

Reward the child

This trick works wonders. Have a reward for the child every time they are successful. You can reward them every time they reward successfully since this is the part that takes long to master. You can use an attractive chart with bold colors where you put a star for the efforts. Keep it simple with the child’s name on it