The pros and cons of Working on an oil rig

new8Oil rig jobs are becoming extremely popular. The big salary that comes from Working on a oil rig is just difficult to resist; but again, working on oil rigs has its disadvantages too.

Working on oil rigs is always a tough job but nevertheless, oil rig employees find themselves finding accommodations in hotels that are equivalent of 5-star hotels even though they are living in deep seas. If you’ve just found a job on an oil rig and you are yet to decide on whether or not to take up the /offer, these are the pros and cons of Working on an oil rig.

* The pros

  1. Huge salary-people working on oil rigs are usually paid handsomely. They are mostly paid double the amount that they would have been paid while working on land. Most oil rig workers earn from $75000 to $100000 per annum
  2. Holidays- the holiday entitlement here are amazing. You can work from 6-8 months out of 12
  3. The shifts- safety and health conditions mostly mean that even though you may be on duty for about 12 hours in a day, you may be spending most of your time in the canteen and coffee shop. This will drastically reduce your working hours as compared to the people working on land
  4. The perks-recreation facilities on most oil rigs are quite impressive. Saunas, gyms, cinemas and snookers are common here. Other perks include unlimited free food, free phone calls and the exemption of paying duty when making purchases.


NB-Oil rigs offer fantastic careers and you may work for as many as 30 years or even more where you will be entitled to fantastic perks. Its important to seek advice from experts just before you take any oil rig job

* The cons

  1. Hard work- you will be working for 12 hours daily under tough conditions; you must therefore be focused on your job. This includes tiring and difficult tasks that need people who are not fainthearted
  2. Work shifts- rigs work for 24 hours every day. You must be prepared for the task
  3. The weather conditions- most rigs are found in deep seas. This means that you will need to have sea legs; you must be prepared to get battered by horizontal rains and strong winds
  4. Being away- although the holidays are great, you must be prepared to be away from home for long periods. You may have to be away from your loved ones for about 2-3 weeks where you will be confined in a rig miles away from home