Watch Movies on the Go with the Movie Box App

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MovieBox is an online video streaming service that allows user to watch and download their favorite movies or TV shows instantly on IOS or Android device. Now, you can watch TV shows and movies at your comfortable place and timings. This free smart tool helps you collect, store and share your favorite movies. Movie Box app is supported in four languages- English, German, French, and Turkish.


Movie Box allows you to watch shows, music videos and movies instantly. You can either stream the movie or download it and watch it. You also get the option of adding your downloaded movie or show to the library to watch it later.

Movie Box offers a huge collection of latest and classic movies and TV shows. Every week, new movies are added to the database to increase the amazing collection.

Another feature that differentiates Movie Box from other online streaming apps is its simple and unique movie organization application.

It allows you to create your own watched and unwatched movie list so that you can remember and focus on other online stuff.

You can also explore the reviews of the latest movie and TV additions. It allows you to check out the trailers, songs and other details of the upcoming movies. This way you can keep a track of the latest additions.

The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and MAC. The surfing is easy, fast and simple. You can easily sort movies by date, name or ratings.

sfhe465There are 24 different categories that allow you to find the movie or show you are looking for. It gives you the convenience to save your movies and share them with your friends and family. The app has an auto-update feature for movie ratings and localized descriptions.

Customer Satisfaction-Most people are concerned about various advanced features of the app. To improve the user experience, Movie Box app comes with FAQs that help users get answers to their most common queries. This enhances the customer satisfaction.

Now watching your favorite movies or TV shows is just a tap away. Whether you are a movie buff or a soap opera fan, Movie Box is a must have app for your device. For move details on this amazing app, visit the Movie Box app official site.